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learn spanish in spain

Centro de Idiomas Quorum is located in Nerja, Malaga, a town of 20,000 people located in the Axarquia region of Andalusia, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. We are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and offer courses at very affordable prices.

Quorum gives you, the student, the ideal location from where to base your studies, blending perfectly our extensive language teaching experience with the warm character of the Andalusians and the enviable climate of the Costa del Sol. So why not learn Sspanish in Spain at Quorum ?

Especially designed courses, select small groups, and a teaching methodology proven time and time again, has made Quorum the choice of hundreds of students who want to learn spanish as a foreign language from all over the world.

Whether a student needs to learn Spanish for Commerce, for enjoyment, or simply as a means to sample more closely the culture and language of Spain, Quorum too should be their choice.

We invite you to come and learn Spanish in Nerja, Malag, Spain. Immerse yourself in our Intensive Spanish courses, make friends in our Spanish Conversation or Grammar courses and enjoy your time in Malaga's Costa del Sol! We know that our excellent teachers and the beauty of Nerja will make your stay in Spain a memorable one.

learn spanish in spain,spanish courses in spain in nerja at the costa del sol

We offer six levels covering all aspects of language. We have Intensive and Super Intensive Spanish courses, Conversation and Grammar courses, DELE Test Preparation courses, Spanish and Flamenco, and more.

Centro de Idiomas Quorum is the only Accredited Centre by the Instituto Cervantes in Nerja and the Axarquia region of Malaga. We are also certified by AENOR and IQNet for meeting the ISO 9001:2000 Quality requirements.
All of the above is included in the tuition price.

Make the most of our proximity to Malaga Airport and the famous cities of Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba, Ronda, etc, and discover some of Spains best historical and cultural treasures.

Participate in our excursions and uncover the enchantment of the Alhambra Palace, La Mezquita or relax along Nerjaýs 16Km of beaches, and soak-up some of the 3.500 hours of annual sunshine that our coast offers. Sample the flavour of Mediterranean cuisine in our restaurants and tapas bars or dance the night away in Nerja’s discoteques.

Build upon the Spanish learnt in Quorum and immerse yourself in the local way of living by staying with one of our especially chosen families, or enjoy the luxury of one of the hotels that have helped make Nerja the holiday destination for thousands.

Whatever your age, whatever your needs, Quorum has a spanish course for you! Study, Enjoy and Live Spanish in Spain.


 learn spanish in spain
We offer the following to ourstudents who learn Spanish:
learn spanish in spain No Registration fee
learn spanish in spain
All study materials included in the price for the duration of the Spanish course
learn spanish in spain
Free tutorials to help you with your Spanish lessons.
learn spanish in spain
Free internet access
learn spanish in spain
Use of cafeteria
learn spanish in spain
Free Welcoming party during summer season
learn spanish in spain


Quorum Spanish Courses:
Our students are having a great time while they learn spanish in spain at the quorum language school

learn spanish in spain with Quorum's general spanish course in nerja.

General Intensive Spanish Course in Nerja:

you are looking to combine your Spanish studies and the knowledge of the Spanish culture,
the General Spanish Intensive course of 20 hours per week will provide you with effective
Spanish language skills. This course is emphesized on Conversation and will allow you to rapidly develop your oral and written skills, while you are learning spanish in a relaxing and joyfull way.


learn spanish in spain with quorum's super-intensive spanish course in nerja

Super intensive Spanish course in Nerja:

Like the Intensive Course, this Course integrates the 4 skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening with grammatical structures, vocabulary development, and very interesting aspects of Spanish culture and way of life. However, if you wish to advance more quickly we recommend the Super Intensive Course because it has more daily classes and more oral and written communication practice. 30 hours a week.



learn spanish in spain with quorum's spanish grammar course, which  will help you a lot speaking spanish

Learn Spanish Grammar in Nerja:
10 hours of Spanish Grammar per week.
Our Spanish grammar courses will not only help you learn the rules of grammar but also, through doing exercises, allow you to practice the grammar you learn. Your tutor will correct each of your exercises. All our courses give you the possibility of posing your grammar doubts to a teacher who will act as a grammar corrector.

learn spanish in spain whit quorum's conversation course,one of the most followed course in the school

Spanish conversation course in spain:
10 hours of Spanish Conversation per week. Would you like to speak Spanish the way the Spanish do? Our Spanish Conversation classes are designed for people who would like to improve their conversation skills and everyday vocabulary.

learn spanish in spain following Quorum's individual spanish lessons and progress very fast in learning the spanish language

Tailor made Individual Spanish Lessons:  
 to learnSpanish in Spain can be very easy and joyfull! Following spanish courses at Quorum language school in Nerja will give you quickly the necesary level to communicate in Spanish.

Our Individual Spanish Course offers our participants a flexible individual learning program. The course is dedicated to the personal and specific needs of each student. The topics are chosen according to the particular requirements and study aims of the learner, such as Spanish for business, exam preparation or specific areas of language difficulty, such as grammar work, comprehension skills and oral communication


learn spanish in spain with the spanish business courses in Nerja. Aimed to students who want to know better how to do business in the spanish speaking world.

Spanish Business course in Nerja:

The Business Spanish course enables students and professionals from all over the world to get an insight into the Spanish business world. In this type of course you will learn about concepts and theories of commerce in Spain, business structure and management in Spain, business manners and special business jargon, commercial relationships and much more.

20 hours of Intensive Course und 5 hours of Business lesson week.


learn spanish in spain

DELE exam Preparation course in Nerja:  
You will attent spanish classes in groups of max 10 students, so you will be able to learn spanish in spain quick and easy. No better way to learn the language then to learn spanish in spain.
This course has 20 general Spanish language lessons just as the Intensive Course plus 5 additional lessons per week of specific preparation for the Initial and Intermediate DELE exams. This course is designed to prepare you rapidly and fully for the exam and at the same time to improve your general level of writing and speaking in the shortest time possible. .

learn spanish in spain

Spanish Teacher refresher course:

Our Spanish trainng teacher courses will help the teachers who are teaching Spanish as a foreign language to improve your linguistic skills, enhance and update your teaching methods. They will discover new approaches to teaching the Spanish language and exchange ideas with other teachers in your class.

20 hours of Intensive Spanish lessons withs 5 hours of Teacher Training.

spanish and flamenco is a nice way to learn spanish in spain

Learn Spanish and Flamenco or Salsa :  
Our Spanish Family Program is aimed to families who want to learn spanish in spain together

Language and dance classes are a great way to learn the language and make friends. In each language or dance class there is a mixture of nationalities. Learning a language and dancing with people from other countries but with similar interests is not only the best way to learn a language and to learn the steps – but is also a great deal of fun!

The language courses are taught by experienced and fully qualified spanish native speaking tutors. Each Flamenco, Salsa lesson is taught by a professional dance tutor.

20 hours of Intensive lesson pluss 3 hours of dance lessons (Salsa or Flamenco) per week..

spanish and the spanish cuisine: a wonderful combinition to learn spanish in spain

Learn Spanish and the Spanish cuisine:
>This course provides the students with the opportunity to combine the study of the Spanish language with cooking classes. You book this course in combination with the intensive course.
With this programme the student will learn more about the Spanish cuisine and the Mediterranean cooking. 20 hours of Intensive course and 3 hours of cooking class per week.

learn spanish in spain

Spanish,Make-up und Styling Program:  
Nerja is a very beautiful place at the costa del sol in the south of spain,where you can learn spanish in spain.

Learning the spanish language while in meantime you can learn to improve your image with our Make-up and Styling course. The Make-up and Styling programme includes 20 hours of Intensive Course, plus 3 hours of Make-up and Styling per week


Spanisch Culture course is a good way to learn spanish in spain. Why not come to spain to learn it.

Study Spanish and learn the spanish culture:
Apart from Spanish language courses,quorum offers Spanish culture courses. We believe that studying Spanish culture – or that of any other language you might be learning – is a fundamental part of learning the language itself. 20 hours of Intensive plus 3 hours of Spanish Culture per week..

Our 50plus course for elderly students is a good way to learn spanish in spain with students of your age

50-Plus- Kurs in Nerja:
visit us at facebook and get more information about to learn spanish in spain
You can always visit us at Facebook:
Quorum Facebook

The 50 Plus Spanish courses for mature students are, as the name refers, targeted at students mainly over 50 years of age. Learn Spanish in Spain in an age group you feel yourself comfortable with.

5 hours of Grammar course and 10 hours of Spanish Conversation per week..


Spanish courses in Nerja for residents who want to learn spanish in spain

Resident spanish course in Nerja:

Besides giving the possibility of combining professional occupation and cultural enrichment, this type of course is an excellent way of backing and reinforcing the Spanish acquired “in daily livet” and helps to optimise the knowledge directly acquired by students in the street. It may also be an optimal tool for those foreign residents in Nerja and neighbourhood aiming at passing official exams in Spain such as DELE or Chamber of Commerce.

the Resident Spanish course has 3 hours of class in group per week.


learn spanish in spain

Spanish course for the family:

follow our linkpage to visit some usefull webpages.

Visit these l inks:
You like to learn the best of Nerja and Spain during your family vacation and learn the spanish language? Our Spanish courses for families is exactly what you need if you want to learn together spanish with your family and have a great time. Our course is aimed at families with children from 10 till 16 years of age, and minimum one parent and child has to attend the classes together.
We have several interesting webpages for you to visti. Please go to our Link page.

learn spanish in spain with quorum's tailor made courses

Tailormade Spanish course in Nerja:  
Our Spanish tailor made classes and courses are highly personalised and designed to improve your Spanish communication skills, whether your focus is social, business, financial, diplomatic or legal. Aimed to groups. Please contact us for more details.
Instead to learn spanish in spain, you can always  learn spanish at home! Just follow our Spanisch Courses Online via videoconference Learn Spanish online via videoconference.
Quorum's language school accreditations, giving you the security to learn spanish in spain in a good way




Learn Spanish online via an interactive video conference.Native spanish speaking teachers will y teach you to speak Spanish. Learning Spanish on the internet can now be fun and easy! With our spanish courses online, you will learn to speak Spanish - Guaranteed. Ask for our free online Spanish lesson and learn quickly how to speak in complete sentences and how to actually communicate. Free lesson!

aenorcervantesfidesco aeea, organisation of the andalusion language schoolsaeea, organisation of the andalusion language schoolsiqnet




Directorio de Cursos de español



Grammar or Conversation 2 hrs a day
Intensive 4 HRS./DAY
Superintensive, Business, DELE, Teacher Training
5 OR 6 hrs./DAy
1 Week
110 €
200 €
300 €
2 Weeks
200 €
320 €
520 €
3 Weeks
270 €
445 €
745 €
4 Weeks
320 €
550 €
950 €
5 Weeks
385 €
650 €
1.150 €
6 Weeks
450 €
750 €
1.350 €
7 Weeks
505 €
860 €
1.560 €
8 Weeks
560 €
965 €
1.765 €
9 Weeks
605 €
1.070 €
1.970 €
10 Weeks
650 €
1.175 €
2.175 €
11 Weeks
685 €
1.285 €
2.385 €
12 Weeks
720 €
1.390 €
2.590 €


2 hrs./day
1 Week
140 €
280 €
2 Weeks
280 €
500 €
3 Weeks
375 €
750 €
4 Weeks
500 €
1.000 €

Cost/ EXTRA hour = 
28 €, moreals than 10 hrs : 25€./hr.
Individual course : 60 min/hr. Tailormade course available..


Spanish courses all levels
Spanish Conversation
all levels
290 €
250 €
290 €
*8 Individual Conversation classes via Videoconference with a tutor (45 min. each)


and more
Spanisch Culture
Family Program
250 €
280 €
280 €
280 €
280 €
700 €
1.320 €

*Conversation course and 5 individual hours/ Week.
**Special courses,like dance, cooking, Make-up and Culture are integrated in the intensive course plus plus 3 hrs/week of the chosen Course.
*** For an adult and child in the intensive course, following at the same time t 20 hrs./Week. Extra fee for extra family member

Startingdates 2010

Beginner: January 11th, February 1st, March 1st, April 5th, May 3rd, June 7th and 21st, July 5th and 19th, August 2nd and 17th, September 6th and 20th, October 4th, November 2nd and 29th 2010.
All other students can start every monday.

Accommodation in Nerja
Bed and Breaksfast
Breakfast and diiner
Full Pension
Shared Flat"Quorum"
1 Room , October till May
1 Room , June till September
Shared Flat"Nerjaluna"
1 Room , October till May
1 Room , June till September
INDIVIDUAL Apartments "Quorum"
July 1st – 15. Sept. / Holy Week
April 1st – 30. June / 16. Sept – 31.Oct.
Christmas and New Year
Nov. 1st – March 31st
INDIVIDUAL Apartments "Nerjaluna"
July 1st – 15. Sept. / Holy Week
April 1st – 30. June / 16. Sept – 31.Oct.
Christmas and New Year
Nov. 1st – March 31st
July 1st – 15. Sept. /Holy Week
April 1st – 30. Jun / 16. Sept.– 31.Oct
Nov 1st .– 31. March
Christmas and New Year
Tranfer till Nerja
Both ways



Quorum offers 6 different levels of teaching spanish:
 A1 Beginner Course is aimed for students who are starting to learn spanish in spain A1 (Beginner):

This level is designed for students who have little or no knowledge in Spanish.

Grammatical structures and vocabulary will give a basic idea of Spanish.
Conversation focuses on how to converse in everyday situations.
Reading is an important part of this level for it enables the student to hear and practice correct pronunciation.

The aim is to learn spanish in spain in a good but easy way. A2 (Beginners with basic knowledge):

After a brief overview over the most important structures taught in level A1, this course focuses on indicative past tenses.

Grammatical structures are reinforced practically and orally.
Indicative tenses, especially the past tenses are compared and studied in detail.
Practical exercises such as informal conversation is used to improve comprehension.
Conversation is one of the most important parts of this level, students are encouraged to discuss topics in class.

The students will speak spanish from day one with our methodology of how to learn spanish in spain. B1 (Intermediate):

The introduction of this course offers an overview of indicative tenses and then focuses on subjunctive tenses.

Subjunctive tenses are the main topic studied in grammar class.
Expressions are taught to enrich vocabulary.
Conversation focuses on articles taken from magazines which are used for further discussions and dialogues.
Spanish movies and songs are used to get a better understanding of the Spanish culture.

With the methodology offered, students will practise their linguistic skills of how to learn spanish in spain B2 (Intermediate pre advanced):

The aim in B2 Level is to gain an advanced level in Spanish. All standard grammar and vocabulary is assumed to be known.

Grammatical exceptions as well as difficult grammatical details are taught.
High level conversation and specialized vocabulary (e.g. business terms) are learnt.
In all exercises the most important aspect is to speak and communicate in Spanish appropriately and correctly.

Even advanced students of the spanish language will learn something new and will profound their knowledge of Spanish, so why not learn spanish in spain? C1 (Advanced):
  The aim in our C1 Level is to gain a proficiency level in Spanish, level C1 has a high level. All grammar, exceptions and standard to advanced vocabulary is assumed to be known.
 The methodology to learn spanish in spain is orientated even at the most superior speaking students. C2 (Superior):
  level C2 is very close to the level of a native speaker. All grammar, exceptions and standard to advanced vocabulary is assumed to be known.


Quorum onsiders it very important that students learn the Spanish language not only in class, but also during their extra curricular activities.
Every week we change the activities listed on our announcement board in the entrance hall. We also indicate all optional activities which have an additional charge.

If your courses are important to you, your spare time should be too. That is why Quorum has created a varied program of activities so that there is no possible way you will be bored.

Our citytrips are very recommended, you will speak spanish with the locals when you decide to learn spanish in spain CITY TRIPS:
  These travels to interesting places around NERJA are another option to your spare time. The excursion destination is open to the student desires. The excursions, only go ahead if a sufficient number of people want to take part. These and other activities are always announced on the boards in the entrance hall and will be attented by a member of the school . Some cities we visit: .Málaga, Granada, Sevilla, Córdoba,..
offering Tapas with a drink is a very common custum in Spain,which you will enjoy when you have decided to learn spanish in spain "VAMOS DE TAPAS Y MUCHO MÁS"

Going to a ‘tapas’ bar is a typically Spanish activity. During decades the custom has consist in going to a bar to take a glass of draught and some appetizer, denominated ‘tapa’. Nowadays this tradition goes on as popular as decades ago. This is a funny way of knowing the way of life and local customs in Spain. Once you have tried this initiative, we are sure you will repeat the experience. Other Activities: Welcome party, Flamenco Dancecourses, Cooking courses, Fotosafaris, Barbecues, and more...

Enjoy sport while you conversate in spanish with your friends, make new friends and learn spanish in s SPORT ACTIVITIES:

Quorum offers you the opportunity to enjoy sports in unequalled natural settings and under completely safe conditions.

Nerja is an ideal place to practice sports of every type, from swimming, canoeing, horse-riding ,beach volleyball, basketball etc.. to go skiing in the Sierra navada (Granada).

our activity program gives you the oportunity to visit the famous Alhambra in Granada, a must to see when you come to learn spanish in spain   Our Activities are giving the students the oportunity to practise what they learned in a nica and fun way. It is such a fun to learn spanish in spain.
The school activities will always be attented by a school member, so when you learn spanish in spain you always will have the oportunity to speak spanish all the time   learn to make the famous spanish paella, so do not hesitate to learn spanish in spain
go skiing in the sierra nevada in granada, enjoy your free time while you learn spanish in spain   learn spanish in spain


he accommodation is an essential part of your stay in Nerja, Spain, that is why Quorum pays special attention to its selection, through periodic visits and the feedback from students.

Most students select host family and we highly recommend this choice. However,staying at Shared Apartments, hostal or hotel is also an available option.

Whichever option you choose you can be assured of the best quality accommodation which has been inspected and recommended .

Staying with a spanish guest family is very recommended to learn spanish in spain. Spanish host family:
  Take a plonge in the Spanish culture and stay with a Spanish family. This way you will practise your spanish every day also during your time you are not on the school. Spanish families are carefully selected by us.
If you want more privacy, you can always book a shared apartment with other students who learn spanish in spain. Shared apartment:

You can book accommodation in shared apartments with other students.

The comfortable and spacious apartments are shared with other students. All apartments have fully equipped communal kitchens, bathrooms with hot water and sitting rooms. Many have a washing machine, patio or balcony.

when you are sure to learn spanish in spain,Nerja offers lots of accommodation facilities like hotels and hostals Hotels and Hostals.
  If you choose this option we always can recommend you the best hostals or hotel in Nerja. Nerja has many hostals or hotels to offer, and in different price ranges. Please let us know a month in advance if you want to reseve this option.

A place still exists on the Costa del Sol which lies between small coves untouched by development and surrounded by an impressive mountain scenery. At the easterly end of the province, only 50kms. From Málaga and within 1 ½ hours drive of Granada, you will find Nerja, the touristic capital of the Axarquia.

With its mild climate, you can enjoy yourself to the full all year round and take advantage of the relaxed way of life of a village that still retains much of the character of its moorish past. Today, Nerja offers an excellent range of quality accommodation and leisure time facilities. There are thirtieen Kms. of beaches, including the internationally famous Burriana beach that has once again been awarded by the Blue Flag of the European Union and the small coves below the impressive cliffs of Maro, which have been the inspiration of numerous artists who have set up residence here.

Lovers of the nature can enjoy the wonderful countryside in the area, camping at the campsite or in the camping zone in the parkland. For those who seek arternative activities on their holidays, there is fishing, diving, waterskiing, canoeing, water bikes, hiking, cycling, horseriding, jeep safaris, paragliding and much mores... with authorized services from full guarantee.

alojamiento nerja
  visit nerja and learn spanish in spain Departure:
Nerja, one of the most beautifull towns at the costa del sol,is an excellent choice to learn spanish in spain  
By Bus:
It takes about 20 minutes for the airport of Malaga to the bussstation of Málaga. There are Busses to Nerja every 75 minutes (last one at 20.15). It takes about 90 Minutes to get to Nerja..
By Taxi:
It takes about 1 hour driving from Málaga till Nerja. Taxis can be found at the airport.
School travel service:
From the airport till your chosen accommodation in Nerja.
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